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When it comes to repairing your roof there are a number of different types of roof systems and each one has a different approach that needs to be made. The most common types of roof leak repair in the area are shingle , roof tiles, flat roofing and when you factor in the number of different styles of roof and the different types of products you see it can add up to quite a list. We have listed below some common roof repairs and a expected cost to perform a repair as a guide to Our local homeowners and customers.

Roofing leak repair costs

Skylight roof repairs
Replace a plastic roof skylight 2 x 2 average cost $250
Replace skylight with new glass skylight average cost $320
Extra costs for new curb and replacing of shingles and or tiles.

Shingle roof leak repair costs.
Replace or repair minor nail pops or seal around vents or secure loose shingles $240
Replace section of shingles ((depends on style and color and area) $380

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